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What’s next for the new energy vehicle market?

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At present, the social economy is developing rapidly, but with it, the environmental resource problem is becoming more and more prominent, and people’s concern is shifting from economic development to energy conservation, and it is at this time that new energy vehicles are created. The use of new energy vehicle technology not only saves environmental resources compared to ordinary cars, but also reduces exhaust emissions significantly, which protects the atmosphere to a certain extent and has a strong sustainability. Compared with the previous fuel cars, new energy vehicles mainly use electricity, hybrid or fuel cells, natural gas, etc. as the source of vehicle power, and have been much loved since the birth of environmentally friendly cars, and with the development of the general situation, the government’s policy support for the environmental protection products industry and new energy vehicle industry is entering a rapid development phase.

1 New energy technology advantages

1.1 Self-advantages

Compared with traditional cars, the most significant feature of new energy vehicles is energy saving and environmental protection, followed by low cost and finally energy efficiency. Therefore, the characteristics of new energy vehicles can already overwhelm traditional vehicles. Take electric vehicles as an example, the cost of electric energy is much lower than that of diesel, and the input cost of vehicle enterprises is much lower than before. The conversion efficiency of electric energy is generally not high, and to a certain extent, as mentioned above, it saves a lot of energy, and in the end, it can basically reach the state of “zero pollution” to the atmosphere in the process of use, which is in line with the general trend of energy saving and environmental protection.

1.2 External advantages

As the government pays more attention to the sustainable development of China in the future, the new energy vehicle industry has received great policy support, and the national subsidies for the purchase of new energy vehicles have freed most consumers from financial worries. At the same time, the state also provides charging and switching stations for new energy vehicles in many places, fully reflecting the state’s support and assistance to the development of the new energy vehicle industry.

2 The current development of new energy vehicles in China

2.1 The development of new energy vehicle industry

The development of the times is bound to be accompanied by the generation of new products. New energy technology is a product generated by the development of the current era, and is one of the representative objects of this era. In the development of China in recent years, great importance has been attached to the development of energy technology. Our government has given great support to the development of new energy technology and is also increasing its support. In the development of new energy vehicle industry, government support is also the main source of power for the development of this industry and one of the main influencing factors for the development of this industry. Our government has developed a long-term plan for the development of new energy technologies for the automotive industry, and has formed a written document. This document has a detailed planning strategy for the current and future development of new energy vehicles. Currently, our government is very concerned about applying new energy to automobiles. Moreover, the government’s support and backing for new energy vehicles has caused the development of new energy vehicles to skyrocket to the status of a leader. In recent years, the number of new energy vehicles exported from China is also very optimistic and will present a very positive trend for the future development of new energy vehicles. At the same time, research on new energy is further underway and there will be a lot of groundbreaking progress.

At present, the development prospect of this industry is very bright. In this case, there are already a certain number of enterprises involved in new energy development and battery development, and the development of these projects plays a very important role in promoting the transformation of China’s auto industry and seizing this industry in the international arena, which will accelerate the pace of China’s development towards an auto power.

2.2 Analysis of the development trend of new energy vehicles in China

China has been studying new energy vehicles for some time, and in past years there was not only research, but also real practice. After unremitting efforts, China already has a corresponding system, a complete system of automobile industry production. From the supply of raw materials for car production to the whole production of cars. The design and guidance aspects are all integrated links. There are also supporting relatively complete management and operating systems, it can be seen that at present, China’s new energy vehicle production has no extremely serious problems that need to be solved, and new energy vehicle production also has its own perfect system, especially in recent years, China has continued to introduce policies conducive to the development of new energy vehicles, indirectly making the new energy technology has been better development.

From the viewpoint of today’s social form, the practice of new energy vehicles is also very effective. New energy vehicles have been recognized by relevant government departments to support their development and show a leading trend in the auto market. New energy vehicles are recognized mainly because the energy supply of new energy vehicles is mainly based on new energy. If the level of pollution to the environment is significantly reduced, taking ethanol as an example, new energy vehicles use ethanol fuel as the basic energy supply.

3 Future restrictions and strategies

“The 13th Five-Year Plan depicts a grand blueprint for the overall development of the energy vehicle industry in the next five years, but in the short term, the development of the energy vehicle industry will inevitably have some phased problems and difficulties.

3.1 In terms of safety

The mainstream power lithium battery technology path is still at a relative disadvantage in terms of safety and stability, and in the past year, new energy vehicle safety accidents, spontaneous combustion and other safety hazards are of great concern to the market. For lithium battery manufacturers, the future optimization of material performance and material production processes need to be further improved. For car manufacturers, the battery management system and system integration function of the assembly and testing is equally important, quality requirements and testing processes must be further tightened.

3.2 National policy subsidy reduction

In line with the development law of the industry itself, but the future impact of subsidy downward adjustment on new energy manufacturers still depends on the maturity and decline of the technology path of individual enterprises. The ability of SMEs that are lagging and slow to respond to the market to control costs will be tested in the market. In addition, local government subsidies are an important factor in supporting the active development of the local automotive industry, and the rapid development of new energy vehicles in 2015 was largely due to the high 1:1 support subsidies provided by local governments. Domain. Due to the slowdown in economic growth and tightening of local finances, uncertainty about the implementation and introduction of local subsidies may increase in 2016, which may have a negative impact on the development of the new energy and automotive industry.

3.3 Speed of construction of charging network

Although the charging infrastructure is expected to be built significantly this year, if the investment and construction of the charging network fails to meet expectations during the year, it will still limit the high growth of new energy vehicles this year.

3.4 Technology level of lithium battery

It is the key to determine the performance of new energy vehicles. Relatively speaking, at this stage, China’s new energy vehicle industry is still in the emerging growth period, and the technical achievements are not yet mature. In addition to improving safety, the power lithium battery also needs to improve the energy density, power density, durability, cycle charge and discharge time and service life of new energy vehicles.

The big picture of the country is very supportive of the development of new energy vehicle technology, and this emerging industry has achieved some satisfactory results, but at present, China’s current energy vehicle technology is not perfect, and there are still some necessary problems. The problems have to be solved as soon as possible.

3.5 High investment cost in technology development

Compared to other developed countries that have recognized the importance of environmental protection from a young age and focused on developing new technologies, Korea is still a bit behind in environmental awareness and the current innovative technologies have not been well developed. So when investing in new technology development, many aspects need a lot of money, and our automotive industry is not very developed yet, after all, the country has to support the R&D cost, make some supporting policies and provide financial support for environmental protection technology.

3.6 Insufficient research and development

At present, China’s new energy vehicle enterprises in the new battery manufacturing and technology applications in the research and development efforts are still insufficient and relatively backward. The product itself has its own advantages, and the core competitiveness will naturally be greatly enhanced, so the future should strengthen scientific and technological research and development to promote the development of new energy vehicle industry.

3.7 Infrastructure problems

New energy vehicles need to consume a lot of electricity because of the basic access to electricity, but at present, China’s power station construction technology is not very developed, the construction progress is relatively slow, and the problem of land resource occupation. At present, there are many problems with macro regulation, and the government must formulate corresponding policies and implement some preferential subsidy policies to ensure the smooth construction of infrastructure and help the positive development of new energy vehicles.

3.8 New energy battery problem

The main problem of new energy batteries is that with the increase in energy density, the possibility of thermal runaway increases. It is widely believed in the industry that in terms of battery form and materials, power batteries will gradually develop from anode reduction of cobalt to cobalt-free, cathode plus silicon, and organic solvent reduction through electrolyte. At present, there are still many technical bottlenecks to overcome for all-solid electrolytes.

4 Research on the constraints of the development of new energy vehicles

4.1 There is great competitiveness in the automobile market and electric vehicles are gradually accepted

After years of development of the automobile industry, the competitiveness of this industry has gradually expanded with time and the development of the times, allowing new energy vehicles to occupy the most important position in the market. This will enable them to develop in the market for a longer period of time with the support of the government. If the development of new energy vehicles need the support of the government to develop the market, if the public can not accept, the probability of new energy vehicles will be eliminated from the market someday in the future. In the development of new energy vehicles, electricity-based cars are gradually appearing in the auto market and are recognized by everyone, and new energy vehicles are gradually being formed and improved.

4.2 The technical aspects are still immature, which will have a bad influence on the development of pure electric vehicles

At present, in the research of new energy vehicles, there are some problems in China in terms of technology. The research technology of new energy vehicles are in the basic stage, and there are many places that need to be upgraded and improved. These things need to be solved are some problems, but reflect the development prospects of China’s new energy vehicle industry is very large, there is a broad upside. China has also made certain technological developments in the research of purely electric new energy vehicles.

5 Prospects for the development of new energy vehicles

5.1 Prospects for the development of new energy vehicle technology

Although a lot of money is currently invested in the field of new energy vehicle main motor for battery research and has achieved good results, but as the core of new energy vehicle technology, power battery and main generator technology of the car power infrastructure still exists, so in the relatively backward situation, we should focus on breaking through the advanced technology, reduce the cost of the car and improve the market competitiveness of the product.

5.2 New energy vehicle battery research direction

At present, new energy vehicles mainly use batteries as vehicle power, but the current technology in this field is not perfect, and the typical battery consumption is high and the life span is very short, which greatly increases the cost of energy vehicles. Therefore, in the future development plan, the focus should be on developing new batteries and improving the utilization rate, which will greatly promote the development of new energy vehicles in the future.

6 Conclusion

In short, with the development of the times, the supporting facilities related to new energy vehicles will also be more perfect, simple and practical. It can be seen that new energy vehicles are not only a national development trend, but also a global development trend.

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