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The elements of engine repair and maintenance you must know

Table of Content

1 Introduction

The car is one of the most used means of transportation, which provides a lot of convenience to people’s life and studies. People should understand the role of the important parts of the car, and pay attention to their care and maintenance in daily use, which can effectively extend the service life of the car parts. The engine is the power unit of the car, which determines whether the car can run normally or not. According to the different sources of car power, the engine can be divided into three ways: diesel, gasoline and electric, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages.

automotive engine

2 Engine failure problems due to improper maintenance

2.1 Noise Failure

A normal engine has no sharp sound in the process of starting and driving the car, and the sound is very even. If the car is not used for a long time, there may be a slight sound when starting directly, but this sound will gradually decrease to disappear with the extension of the engine starting time. The engine noise failure will appear when the sound and the sound will increase with the rotation of the engine, or in the process of acceleration to make an abnormal sound, although these phenomena do not affect the normal operation of the car, the wear and tear on the engine is very serious, if not timely treatment will affect the normal use of other parts of the car, resulting in greater losses.

2.2 Starting fault

Engine starting failure means that the starter can drive the engine normally, but it is difficult to start, and it takes many times to make the engine run normally. When the engine has starting problems, the following phenomena will occur in the car. The first one is that the electromagnetic switch sounds when starting the generator, but the crankshaft can’t turn; the second one is that the car starts with a sudden lack of turning force and a burning smell, and there may be black smoke coming out of the battery position; the third one is that there is no problem to start the car again after a temporary stop, but after a long time of stopping, it is very difficult to start. The fourth kind is that the start switch has been set to the start position, but the engine still can’t start, other than that there are no other symptoms.

2.3 Cylinder failure

Engine cylinder failure is one of the more common failures, the engine in the process of operation will be subjected to a variety of pressure and inertia so that the internal structure of the parts produces deformation or cracking, affecting the normal operation of the engine. There is three main engine cylinder failure, the first is the cylinder block deformation, the second is the cylinder block crack, and the third is the cylinder liner mounting hole problems. Cylinder block deformation beyond a certain range will cause water leakage, air leakage, lack of horsepower and other phenomena. A cylinder block with cracks will cause the engine to work with bubbles coming out of the cooling water and the smoke from the exhaust pipe is white. The existence of defects in the cylinder liner mounting holes will lead to cracks in the cylinder at the location of the convex shoulder, with rust or corrosion.

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3 Engine fault problem-solving measures

3.1 Noise fault solution measures

The reasons for the engine noise fault problem are mainly as follows. The first point is that the oil has been used for too long or there is a problem with the quality of the oil itself, resulting in its lubricating effect weakening, and the engine rubs when starting or running, causing abnormal rattling, if it is a problem with the oil, you only need to replace the oil. Drivers in the choice of oil products, not just choose cheap products, carefully check the oil product certificate of conformity and verify the authenticity. Improper use of oil will also cause the engine carbon increase, in the replacement of oil at the same time to do a good job of cleaning carbon, to better improve the noise problem. The second point is that the exhaust pipe leakage leads to engine noise, the exhaust pipe leakage will lead to the engine in the launch of the gas from the leak, and then produce vibration, causing a sound. Maintenance personnel should check whether there is a leak in the exhaust pipe and replace it in time to be able to reduce the noise more effectively. A loose belt will also cause engine noise, maintenance personnel should carefully check the quality of the belt problems and tightening, tighten the belt, if the belt is damaged, to be replaced in a timely manner. There is also a situation where the sound insulation of the car is not good, the sound is normal when the engine is running, but it feels loud in the car. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the sealing strip of the car has been aging, causing poor sound insulation, and the user can reinforce it.

3.2 Solution measures for starting fault

The engine starting difficulty is generally caused by the lack of fuel injection, and the maintenance personnel should use the fault diagnosis system to diagnose it and conduct a comprehensive check of the engine’s sensor according to the fault code to determine whether its resistance is normal and whether it needs to be replaced. The phenomenon of engine starting fault shows that once the phenomenon of engine starting difficulty occurs, the maintenance personnel should first check whether the battery power is sufficient and whether there is serious leakage, if the battery has been aging, it needs to be replaced in time to avoid damage to other parts. Next is to check the starting system, the starting system mainly refers to the switch that is not connected to the starting circuit because of wear and tear or the power switch is not connected, the maintenance personnel can correct it according to the actual situation. The fuel system needs to test the fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator, etc. The way to test the fuel pressure regulator is to connect the fuel pressure gauge to the fuel line, then start the engine and test the fuel pressure value, the pressure value is too large, then the regulator needs to be replaced. The anti-theft system of the car will also produce some problems, the manifestation of these problems is the failure of the fuel system, for example, if the owner of the car has privately initialized the anti-theft system, it will lead to the start-up failure of the car.

3.3 Cylinder failure repair measures

The cylinder block deformation problem, maybe due to in tightening the bolts, the order or strength is not correct, resulting in the uneven contact surface, and uneven force in the running process leading to deformation. Maintenance personnel in the repaired cylinder, force too much or use heavy knock, will cause the cylinder deformation, so maintenance personnel in the repair process, must be in strict accordance with the installation order and method if found damaged or rust to repair and replace in a timely manner. Cylinder crack may be the diesel engine in the case of water shortage running for a long time, the temperature is particularly high, the sudden addition of cool water, resulting in cylinder fracture, in addition to the extremely low winter conditions, there will be due to cooling water on the freezing and cause cylinder fracture. Maintenance personnel should be based on the size of the cylinder crack and the actual situation of the part, using the welding method or glue method. Maintenance personnel for the cylinder liner mounting hole rust or corrosion problem can use sand cloth grinding, and then use resin material to subsidize.

4 engine correct maintenance and maintenance methods

4.1 Change oil and filter elements regularly

Oil for the engine is very important, the engine in the process of operation due to the role of various forces, resulting in internal components friction with each other, the oil can play the role of lubrication if the oil problems on the engine damage is self-evident. And oil is not only lubrication but also has a heat dissipation function, can clean parts, has a certain ability to prevent rust and corrosion, so the car in the driving to a certain number of kilometers, the owner should replace the oil in a timely manner. Regularly check the oil level, if the oil level appears to be lowered, it should be filled up in time. The air filter can effectively purify the air of the engine to avoid sand from entering the engine and causing engine wear; the oil filter can filter out harmful substances in the oil to ensure the use of the oil for a long time, so the owner should replace the oil and air filter in addition to the oil on a regular basis to ensure the normal operation of the engine.

4.2 Regular inspection of the cooling system and leakage problems

Heat dissipation is a very important issue for the engine, the heat generated in the engine running process is very large, most parts of the car are made of metal and will carry out heat transfer, so it is important to ensure that the water in the tank is sufficient. The amount of cooling water and distilled water in the tank should preferably be the same, and timely replenishment of coolant can better help the system dissipate heat. Maintenance personnel should carefully check the cylinder water jacket, thermostat, water pump, and radiator during the maintenance process, check whether the belt is broken or loose, and adjust and replace it according to the actual situation. Owners should pay attention to any fluid leakage when the car is running or staying, and if leakage problems are found, carefully identify the leaking substance and take measures.

4.3 Treat the engine warning light correctly

When there is a problem with the engine there may not be immediate and symptoms may not be immediately apparent, but the engine warning light will indicate

indicates that there is already a problem with the engine of the car, the car owner should not The owner should not ignore the warning light because there is no fault phenomenon.

The owner should not ignore the warning light because there is no fault, and take the car to the service office for a full inspection to avoid The warning light will indicate a problem with the engine. The car owner should also pay attention to the speed during the driving process.

The speed of the engine of each car is standardized. The engine speed of each car has a standard, too fast will affect the operation of the engine and The speed is too fast will affect the operation of the engine and reduce the service life of the engine. Especially when driving in the city driving, fast start and then stop and go on the engine damage more serious, increasing unnecessary testing.

5 Conclusion

The importance of the car engine is equivalent to the “heart” of the car. The importance of the car engine is equivalent to the “heart” of the car, and there are more and more different kinds of cars with different engines There are more and more different kinds of cars, and the shape of the engine is also different, so the maintenance personnel must master The internal structure of the engine, according to the appearance of the car problems, Therefore, it is important for the maintenance personnel to master the internal structure of the engine, to accurately determine where the fault lies and to repair it in time according to the appearance of the car. Maintenance personnel also need to master the maintenance measures of the engine, and will simple maintenance methods to the owner, to avoid the owner’s hard The maintenance personnel also need to master the maintenance measures of the engine and tell the owners the simple maintenance methods to avoid the hard operation of the owners to cause damage to the engine.

The maintenance personnel also need to master the engine maintenance measures. Maintenance personnel can combine practical work experience The maintenance personnel can carefully study the problems that are likely to occur in the engine and give better suggestions to the R&D personnel. The maintenance personnel can combine their practical work experience to carefully study the engine problems and give better suggestions to the R&D personnel, which is beneficial to the stable development of China’s automobile industry. Stable development of China’s automotive industry.

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