Time-saving tips for the installation of cylinder head studs

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Cylinder head studs are an important part of maintaining the integrity of your engine. They hold the head on the cylinder and keep it from moving. If they’re not installed correctly, the head can move and cause problems with the engine. By installing cylinder head studs correctly, you can prevent these problems from happening.

How Do Automotive Engines Work?

engine work

An automotive engine is a device that converts heat energy from a fuel into mechanical work. It is used in cars and other motor vehicles to convert the chemical energy stored in a fuel into kinetic energy, thereby propelling the vehicle.

Those engine components you should know


The engine system and the various devices around it are classified and introduced according to their connections. Fuel-related: Fuel injectors Fuel injectors must inject fuel into the cylinder at the most precise time. (A four-cylinder engine will normally have four separate injectors) Octane rating If a vehicle is designed for lower octane fuel and the […]

The difference between an inline engine and a V-engine?

inline vs v-engine

Automobiles usually have three different types of engine configurations. In-line – cylinders in a row in a straight line. v-type – cylinders in two rows at an angle. Horizontal (also called horizontally opposed) – the cylinders are lined up in two rows on opposite sides of the engine. You see inline six-cylinder engine, horizontal six-cylinder […]

Gasoline Engine VS Diesel Engine

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Introduction The diesel engine is a type of internal combustion engine. It was invented by German engineer Rudolf Diesel in 1892. The diesel engine is an indirect-injection and compression-ignition internal combustion engine which uses only air and fuel to generate power, but it still has the same four stages of the Otto cycle as the […]

Common-damage-and-repair of diesel-engine-cylinder-head

damage cylinder head

The cylinder head is one of the important parts of a diesel engine, mainly used to close the cylinder, but also is the installation base of many parts. The cylinder head is not only subjected to high temperature and high pressure of the gas, but also to the preload of the cylinder head bolts. In […]

The elements of engine repair and maintenance you must know


1 Introduction The car is one of the most used means of transportation, which provides a lot of convenience to people’s life and studies. People should understand the role of the important parts of the car, and pay attention to their care and maintenance in daily use, which can effectively extend the service life of […]